Please do not let your koi die and above all do not turn them loose in the wild. If you cannot take care of your pond, are moving or just over-stocked contact us to rescue them. As with many animals we keep, there comes a time when the most humane thing to do is let them go to a better home, a home that can better care for them, a place of safety and health.

Whatever your situation, we offer a free koi rescue service. All you have to do is contact us with as much lead time as possible and we will make arrangements to rescue your fish. We do this service free of charge to you and no cost to us. We come with all the necessary equipment to safely catch and transport your fish so you don’t have to go swimming after them. The fish are then taken to one of our quarantine tanks to be fed and cared for until they are offered to good homes at our koi auction or given to a club member. Proceeds from koi activities are used to offset club expenses. No member profits from your fish.

If you can drain your pond to 6 inches of water just before we arrive, this will help. Also, please advise us of the size of your pond, length, width and depth. Likewise, the number and approximate size of your fish will help us know what equipment to bring.

While some new koi owners hear about the value of koi and want to sell their fish, fish from backyard ponds usually do not command high prices. It is the Koi Breeders and Koi Vendors who have select quality fish that command high prices. The Japanese and domestic breeders cull each new spawn for those expensive fish. The Puget Sound Koi Club does not buy fish as we are a non-profit organization.

Our rescue volunteers work, have obligations and families, so please allow us time, if possible, to schedule our rescue of your beautiful fish.