A. Rules for Showing Fish:

1. The show chairperson has the final word.

2. Each participant will have their own tank(s) or shared, with one other individual, with prior approval of the show chairperson.

3. All fish shown shall be the personal and private property of the registrant. This is a hobbyist only show and no Dealers or members of their family can show fish in it. All fish must be in good health at the time of benching. Any fish found not in good health will not be allowed in the show. This will be determined by the benching staff and show chairperson.

4. Koi owners must be present at the show at entry time.

5. Each entrant must provide a proper koi net for their tank(s) which is to be used at their tank(s) exclusively.


7. A previous champion of Puget Sound Koi Club shows may not be re-entered for three years.

8. Changes to the entry forms after submission must be approved by the show chairperson and entry personnel.


B. Delivery and Removal of Fish:

1. A minimum of three (3) koi per tank reservation unless prior approved by show Chairperson.

2. Late fish arrivals must arrive at the show site, be benched and in their tank(s) by 9:30 AM on Saturday of the show. Fish can be placed in their assigned tank(s) Friday evening from 3:00 to 7:00 PM once registered by the show personnel. If benching has been concluded for the day please contact one of the show personnel.

3. After checking in with the show entry personnel, all entrants must remain in the general area until their fish have been measured, classified and released into their assigned tank during benching hours.

4. The show chairperson or Judge(s) have the final authority regarding classification and size.

5. Fish deemed by the show chairperson or show entry personnel to be showing possible signs of disease or parasites must be removed by their owner from the show site and not be benched.

6. No fish will be bagged or removed from the show site until all fish are identified by the entrants, and the show chairperson or their representative gives the okay to bag and leave.

7. In cases of extreme need, the show chairperson may permit early removal of fish.

8. All fish must be picked up by Sunday following the show, by 3:00 PM.

9. Unclaimed fish will be dispatched at the discretion of the Puget Sound Koi Club members.


C. Judging:

1. Judging will begin approximately at 10:00 AM Saturday.

2. The decision of the judge(s) and/or show chairperson is final.

3. Any contingencies not covered clearly by these rules will be subject to the decision of the show chairperson.

4 Only the Judge(s), Show Chairperson, Wrangler(s) will be allowed in the judging area.

5. NO COMMUNICATION please with the judge(s) during judging except as necessary with show personnel.


D. Benching:

1. Only the Person Benching, Wrangler(s) and the owner of the fish will be present at the measuring of the fish.

2. No more than 4 persons are allowed in the benching area.

3. If there are any disputes during benching the show chairperson will be the deciding factor.


E. Water Quality:

1. All necessary and reasonable effort will be made to maintain the water quality at a high level in the tanks during the show.

2. The only persons allowed to touch the water will be the water quality personnel designated by the show committee.

3. A water quality log will be kept of all show tank measurements.

4. No Koi Exhibitor is allowed to introduce to his or her tank any substance without the permission of the water quality personnel and these show rules.


F. General Information:

1. All necessary and reasonable precautions will be taken by the Puget Sound Koi Club to safeguard the koi.

2. Entries are accepted with the understanding that the participant agrees not to hold the club and all workers at the show responsible in the event of death, disease, injury or missing fish.

3. No one is to handle or net any fish after benching starts and through the end of judging except for the designated benching and judging personnel.