Watercolor Painting Workshop by MarY “Schossow” Schumaker

The pond that we will be painting is a beautifully designed masterpiece at a private residence in Edgewood, Washington. The light through the surrounding trees bathes different areas of the pond at different times of the day.

You will be supplied with a top-quality watercolor paper with a minimal sketch in general shapes, and the use of supplies for the day. You will also receive both a black/white and a color reference for your painting. As our time for painting is limited to few hours, I have decided that we will work very directly and loosely.

You will learn several patterning techniques and even learn to paint with a credit card. I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and leave with a very lovely and personal piece of art.

The pond that we will be painting is a beautifully designed masterpiece at a private residence in Edgewood, Washington.

The pond that we will be painting is a beautifully designed masterpiece at a private residence in Edgewood, Washington.


Biography for Mary “Schossow” Schumaker

Mary “Schossow” Schumaker

Mary “Schossow” Schumaker

In my youth I was blessed with a family that traveled extensively to different parts of the world. I became fascinated by the works of art that represented the societies of western history. This fascination became the driving factor in my desire to study both the history and practice of art. My first venture was at the Burnley School of Professional Art. I went on to study at the University of Puget Sound and then on to graduate summa cum laude from the University of Alaska.

I have continued my art education by participating in workshops taught by artists whose work I admire. My present art is a formulation of several two-dimensional styles in many media. I often like to combine media so that I can draw from the individual characteristics of each medium to achieve my desired effect. I have been selling my work privately through my business “Transitions” and through limited gallery representation.

My greatest representation has been in art show venues. I have been honored by receiving various awards, including “Best of Show” and “1st place” in multiple competitions. I have exhibited and received awards in The Pacific Gallery Artists Annual Art Exhibition, The Pacific Gallery Artists Members Show, The South Sound League Arts Exhibit, The Peninsula Art League International Show, The Peninsula Art League Members Show, The Annual Renton River Days Art Show, The South Hill Artists Annual Show, The Emerald Downs Equine Art Show, The NWWS Waterworks Show, The Western Washington Puyallup Fine Art Show and numerous other competitions.

My work has been collected by individuals in several in the US and in Norway and Germany. I also have work in permanent collections at the University of Alaska and the Emerald Downs Rack Track. Recently I was honored with a membership into the National League of American Pen Women as a professional artist. I was recently awarded a Signature Membership with the Northwest Watercolor Society.

I enjoy the spiritual aspect of creating my work. I listen and respond to the moment of inspiration. I sometimes begin with a very preconceived idea of what I want to put down on my painting surface only to find that as the subject emerges it creates a voice of its own. At other times the painting process and the media take on their own path and become an expression of my emotions. The interplay with colors, values, lines, shapes and textures are my voice with which to communicate to the viewer. The viewer’s experience is the final part of the artistic effort.

I must contend that my art is always evolving and is always in transition. My art is susceptible to the changes in my individual life and the world around us. I paint from my heart and I would have it no other way.